Norwegian folktale ballet debuting at Forest Roberts Theater

MARQUETTE — A full-length feature ballet will be making its debut on the stage of the Forest Roberts Theater this Thursday night.

It is called “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” and is based on a Norwegian folktale about a young girl living in a land bewitched by trolls who has to save the prince. The ballet was composed, written, and choreographed by locals in the Marquette area.

Everyone that has been a part of this is excited to see the community come out and enjoy this production.

“It is always great to bring audiences for the first time,” said Composer of the ballet, Griffin Candey. “This is because when you spend months and months with it, you are sort of familiar with it. Like with the twists and turns of the story, the jokes and the different moments. So it is always nice to see people present and see what they react to. Also to see what resonates with people and to hopefully carry that into other stuff.”

A modified matinee performance of the ballet that is aimed at children and adults on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing disorders will take place Saturday, January the 26th.

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