Marijuana laws discussed in Marquette

MARQUETTE — On Monday evening, the Marquette City Commission held a work session for the new marijuana laws.



The main topic of concern during the meeting was trying to determine whether the city should opt in or opt out of recreational marijuana facilities.

A few commissioners felt that the city should wait until the state has rules and other felt that the city should be ahead of the game.

“I think as a city we have to be proactive about this kind of stuff, but I do think it’s important that we have all of our research completed and I’m really hoping that city staff gets back to us with all of our options of opting–out, opting–in” said Marquette City Commissioner, Sarah Reynolds. “The important part is for all of the residents to keep coming forward because that’s what I listen to. I have people that stop me and want to talk to me about this and that’s what I’m making my decisions upon.”

There are already some rules and regulations in place for the recreational use of marijuana since the passing of proposition 1.

These rules include how much a person can carry on their persons or grow in their house.

This was not the only work session, there will be others.