Sawyer International Airport prepares for holiday travel surge

KI SAWYER — One of the busiest travel weekends of the year is just ahead, and many people will be heading to the airport to fly closer to family and friends for Christmas.



Sawyer International Airport expects all of their flights to be entirely booked, with some being oversold.

Airport Manager, Duane DuRay, says there are many steps passengers should take to ensure a safe, and stress-free flying experience.

By making sure you arrive to the airport early and follow TSA guidelines, the process should be much easier.

“One of the biggest things that you want to bring when you’re traveling during this holiday season – tensions run high during the holidays, we’re supposed to be happy and cheery – but we seem to lose the spirit, and we shed our smile,” said Sawyer International Airport Manager, Duane DuRay. “Remember, everyone out there is just trying to do their job, and if your flights are delayed, the staff that are working hard to get you to where you want to go don’t want you there any longer than you have to be.”

DuRay also suggests passengers take advantage of airlines’ new technology, such as mobile apps, to stay updated on any changes that may occur to their flights.