Toarmina’s Pizza set to close their doors this week

MARQUETTE — A pizza shop in Marquette announced last week that they will be closing their doors due to unforeseen circumstances.

Toarmina’s and Butchie Boys Pizza features over 20 stores in Michigan; restaurant owner Doug Carlson says it’s saddening to see the local store close. Carlson has managed the Marquette location for 7 years. He says factors like nearby road construction and other issues within have led to recent difficulties.

“It’s unfortunate that what really happened to us is that we had some theft from employees – that’s what pretty much put us behind – it took away from our advertising budget, and things like that,” said Owner and Manager, Doug Carlson. “We’ve had some dear customers that have been very loyal to us. We’re giving you one more chance to get the word out and give us a call.”

Toarmina’s Pizza will be offering specials throughout the week, in hopes of relieving their inventory before they’re set to close on December 22nd. There have been a few people who have expressed interest in the idea of eventually taking the business into their hands.