Sewer rates increased to stop debt

CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — Average customers in the Chocolay Township will see an average bill of $33 per month increase to $54 per month in sewer rates.

The increase would help pay for a nearly $3 million project to replace lift and pump systems that are about 45 years old, and are well past due to be switched out.
This increase will not only help make things more affordable for the people in the future but also allows the township to not have to borrow money from the bank.

“Soon as you borrow money you are now paying interest, attorney fees, bonding fees and all extra costs that our rate payers have to pay,” said Chocolay Township Manager, Jon Kangas. “This is because it’s the utilities that pay the bills so we want to set our rate where we don’t have to borrow money all the time. It ends up actually being cheaper for our customers that way. Ideally we collect rates for quite a few years before we have to do another project beyond this 3 million dollar project, and have enough money in the bank to do it without borrowing money.”

Now with this proactive approach the township will take on less debt and allow them to work on larger project that will benefit the community.