The Superior Health Foundation, Run for Life Fund receives donation

MARQUETTE — The Superior Health Foundation, Run for Life Fund recently received a generous donation.



The Run for Life donation fund is a fund that was established with the Superior Health foundation 5 years ago.

The fund provides philanthropic out of pocket health expenses for both organ donors and organ donor recipients that insurance does not cover; such as food cost, travel cost, transportation or overnight lodging.

A couple that was treated in Marquette for hemodialysis, left $160,000 in their will and estate plan for the run for life fund.

A donation like this will play an immeasurable role in what they will be able to do in providing funding.

“We had no idea the amount and once we found out what the amount was, we were thrilled. This is going to help so many people from all across the region to get access to some of those funds and be able to relieve some of their fears,” said Jim LaJoie, Executive Director.

The foundation is always accepting any type of donations.

To make a donation or to learn more about the Run for Life Fund click HERE.