How to eat healthy, and enjoy the holidays

MARQUETTE — Candy canes, chocolate bars, and big family dinners. During the holiday season, we’re all faced with decisions on what to consume on a daily basis. With the thought of remaining healthy on a person’s mind, it can sometimes affect their holiday lifestyle.

“I always tell people to fill up on the good stuff – throughout the day, don’t think about cutting calories to make room for that big dinner you’re going to have with your family, because then you’re going to over-eat on those not-so-good calories,” said MQT Nutrition owner, Jenna Neaves.

Neaves and her husband Rick own MQT Nutrition, and advocate for a healthy lifestyle, but also encourage health conscious individuals to let themselves indulge a little bit, and keep track of what they consume. Of course, as Christmas spirit thrives, time to plan meals is often hard to find, and MQT Nutrition says they’re there to help.

“We’re providing people an opportunity to get that healthy alternative, quick, on the go, and we can help plan it for them, and make it specific to their needs,” added MQT Nutrition owner, Rick Neaves. “If you have a diet plan that we created or you’re already on one, we can make the macro-nutrients consistent with what you need.”

The Neaves recommend a balanced daily diet that starts with setting your intentions for the day, and going from there. Getting you daily portions of fruits, vegetables, and grains, without forgetting about your water intake, can make all the difference. Focusing too much on saving room for a big meal or treat is where most people find difficulty.

“Be at a point where you can enjoy the holiday and be with your family,” continued Rick Neaves. “There is an emotional well-being and a mental well-being – we can’t forget about that. There’s also the physical, but emotional, mental, spiritual – all of that, in my opinion sometimes, is more important. It’s a full spectrum that we push here.”

And when it comes down to it?

“Have a cookie,  have a piece of pie – it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world,” joked Jenna Neaves. “You’ll do better if you think of everything in moderation.”