A wedding ring flushed down the toilet recovered a decade later

SOMERS POINT, N.J. (WPVI) —  A woman who flushed her wedding ring down the toilet by mistake is finally reunited with it nearly a decade later.

Paula Stanton was cleaning her bathroom when the diamond ring fell into the toilet….she thought it was gone forever.

Her husband sprang for a duplicate, but she longed for the original.

The public works department saw a small shiny something on the shoulder of a pipe leading from Stanton’s house.

Ted Gogol plucked with this device from the sand and muck, and cleaned it off.

There it was …Paula Stanton’s long lost ring.

“That ring did not want to leave her family. There was just something about it, so many things could have happened, got in the flow or got crushed or whatever. It was just meant to be, It was almost kind of spiritual,” said Ted Gogol, Somer’s Point Public Works Department.

Stanton considers this a miracle and she vows she will never let that ring out of her sight again.