“Hops For Help ” fundraising for local food banks

MARQUETTE — The “Hops For Help ” drive is staring up once again at Ore Dock Brewing Company and they are off on a running start.

During the month of December, every pint of Glad Tidings sold will help support local food banks by giving them $1 for every drink purchased. The Ore Dock Brewing Company is hoping to provide more donations this year due to all of the establishments that are taking part in this fundraising event.

“This year, 2018, we actually saw the highest number of local establishments carrying the product,” said Co-Founder/Vice President of the Ore Dock Brewing Company, Andrea Pernsteiner. “So it is really just nice to see every year we get more and more people interested in lending a hand.”

Ore Dock Brewing Company hopes they will be able to provide almost $5,000 dollars of donations to Feeding America West Michigan.

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