NMU reminisces George H.W. Bush

MARQUETTE – -Over the past week the country mourns for the family of the Late President, George H.W. Bush.

Now we look at the time he had once visited the U.P. at Northern Michigan University for commencement before he was the President of the United States of America.
George H.W. Bush visited Northern Michigan University 45 years ago, in December 1973, to accept an honorary doctor of laws degree and serve as commencement speaker.

“This is back when he was a chair of the Republican National Committee,” said NMU historian, Russell Magnaghi. “So he is just an ordinary person and he’s not the former president or anything. But what you see when you read his comments from commencement and so on, it is the George Bush that everyone talks about.”

George H.W. Bush has left a positive mark on society in the U.P. due to his spirit in politics, and he will be a great example for future politicians that come from the area.

“The interactive spirit in the past of politicians working with both parties, working together and not pulling apart,” added Magnaghi. “So if people listen carefully to what he says, you have a model or a guide for people to follow. You need those things in life and so in the long run he is a politician and a statesman that people can follow.”