MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Salvation Army in Ishpeming and Marquette are looking for donations of toys for the coming holidays.



The Salvation Army is doing their best to help raise a lot of donations for families who are less fortunate during the holidays. They are looking to have enough toys for the Toy Shop give away event on December 20th.

This event will allow families to come and pick toys out for their children of all ages.

“Toys are categorized by each individual age group,” said Salvation Army’s, Cpt. Doug Winters. “Parents can select a toy for their kid and have that ready to go for Christmas. It is usually a couple toys, sometimes two to three toys plus a stocking stuffer. Usually these can be a book or a stuffed animal among other things. So it is a pretty incredible event on the 20th.”

If you are interested in donating any toys or items you can take them to either Salvation Army locations in Marquette or Ishpeming. If you are looking to be at the receiving end of the event you can sign up at these locations as well.

You will need proof of residence and income requirements that need to be met by the Salvation Army’s standards.