NMU students raise awareness through environmental campaign

MARQUETTE — A group of Northern Michigan University students has started an environmental campaign centered around the dangers of micro plastics.



Micro plastics are pieces of plastic that are 5 millimeters in length, which can be found in skincare, broken down plastic and even synthetic clothing.

This group of NMU students is focusing on the issue of them being in the Great Lakes.

As part of their campaign they are raising awareness and creating an eco–art exhibit.

They wanted to use art through environmental issues to make them more powerful.

“Provide a platform for people to safely and environmentally friendly get rid of them. We’re going to have a micro plastic, single use plastic drive. So people can drop off their micro plastic and then come to our art exhibit to see your contribution made into beautiful art, so it’ll be a way for people to get rid of it,” said Molly Gaudreau, NMU Students.

The art exhibit will be 3 different parts; What are micro plastics?, How do they affect the Great Lakes? and how they can help change.

Their end goal is to have the art exhibit up by Spring of 2019.