MARQUETTE — Tomorrow Northern Michigan University will participate in the global day of giving which is also known as Giving Tuesday.

The NMU campus community, the Marquette region and alumni from around the world will be coming together to give and pledge resources to support students at NMU.

These will include support for opportunities in research, scholarship; leadership and innovative academic programming along with a student-led effort to fill the shelves of NMU’s recently opened Food Pantry.

It also gives the chance to allow the community, students and alumni to help with the furthering of students educational careers.

“It is an opportunity to join a lot of people in one day and really show a combined effort for what donations can do for the student experience at NMU,” said NMU Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Andy Hill.

Not only will NMU be working to reach out to students, but public safety will also be bringing back a program to also help out people this holiday season.

“Public safety is continuing its food for fines program,” said Mr. Hill. “That means if you received a parking ticket on campus, you can redeem that or get it written off by contributing a food item for the NMU food pantry.”

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