MARQUETTE — The Forest Roberts Theatre will host Superior Arts Youth Theater’s Alice in Wonderland Jr. this weekend.



Alice in Wonderland Jr. is based on the classic Disney character version of Alice in Wonderland.

Those who attend the show will hear original songs like “I’m Late” and “Painting the Roses Red” but will also get to see a unique twist.

“The one thing that’s different about our version of Alice compared to all of the movies and all of the versions that are out there is that we have 3 different Alice’s” said Jalina McClain, the show’s director. “In theatre, you can’t magically shrink someone, but you can if you have another person that is the same character. So, we have a tall Alice, a small Alice and a medium sized Alice in our show.”

The play begins Thursday, November 15, at 7 p.m. and will continue until Sunday, November 18th.

There are still tickets available.

More information about show times and tickets are available here.