Yoga for anxiety classes begin in Marquette

MARQUETTE — Essentials Massage and Yoga in Marquette has begun a class for people who get stressed and anxious during the holiday and winter season, and our own Caylee Kirby got a chance to experience it for herself.



Yoga for anxiety includes a little bit of everything from meditation and restorative poses to learning how to target and reduce anxiety.

The classes are a way to take your mind off the outside stress and focus on yourself.

“I suffer from anxiety. Four years ago [doctors] told me I had a panic disorder, I left my salary job because I couldn’t do it every day and I knew there was a better way” said Essentials Massage & Yoga owner, Kim Nixon Hainstock. “I’ve been a massage therapist since 2003 and I thought that this was the perfect time in my life to make changes. So, I created a place where I find comfort and I hope that extends to my students and my clients.”

Kim hopes with her classes she is able to help people overcome any stresses or problems they are facing in their life.

For more information about Essential Massage and Yoga, visit their page here.