VA Medical Center hosts VR day for veterans

MARQUETTE — Early this afternoon, Edge of Reality VR Arcade Center played host to veterans, as they gathered from all across the UP for a day of fun, sponsored by The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center.

More than just a community gathering event, the Department of Veteran Affairs hopes to bring veterans together more often for support, and to introduce them to local resources and VA programs. Pizza, pop, and other snacks were served, as everyone was able to experience the amazing world of Virtual Reality at absolutely no cost.

“We are doing some multiplayer stuff, team-building exercises,” began Jordan Fox, a Peer Support Specialist for the Department of Veteran Affairs. “A lot of veterans remember basic training, where you take 3 planks and tubes, and make a bridge to get to the end of a course.”

“I think one of the best parts about gaming to the veteran community is that sense of communication,” added Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, Adam Skidmore. “It’s a really wonderful experience to remember times you were in the military, and having that instantaneous understanding and response – a really good relationship – and getting that back for a little bit by playing a video game with your friends.”

Skidmore adds that meetings like this are vital to veterans, as it allows them to experience new things and receive the support they need.