ISHPEMING — A new firetruck was on display at the Ishpeming Fire Station.



In August 2017, the citizens of Ishpeming voted in a millage bonding proposal to purchase a new truck.

After patiently waiting for over a year, the 70–foot ladder truck was delivered today.

With all the older buildings that are close together, the new truck will allow the fire department the capability to get above the buildings.

“Having this truck come into the city today was unbelievable. A dream come true for me, it’s something that the city has needed for many, many years and it’s finally here. And it’ll be put into service shortly” said Ishpeming Fire Chief, Ed Anderson.

“This truck provides greater safety margins for everyone. It also helps the community because it’ll be a more sure place for businesses to invest because their investment in protected by the best fire services that are available and that is good for the entire community as well. So, this is a big day and a good day for the city of Ishpeming” said Ishpeming City Manager, Mark Slown.

The cost of the truck was over 800,000 dollars and there were specific capabilities the needed to be on the truck.

The truck can shoot more water per minute, the ladder will allow the firemen to get up over a fire.

There are LED lights as well that will illuminate scene areas which make it safer for the Fire Department and the general public.