MARQUETTE — The construction of the new hospital is still on track and is on its way to being operational.

Many of the finishing touches are being made, including the signs and lettering on the outside of the building. They have also been completing the insulation for the equipment that will be rolling in soon.

They will also be introducing furniture, kitchen equipment and waxing of the floors. UPHS is very happy for having a great team and partnership with the entire group of tradesman that has been a part of this project.

“We are very grateful for the entire tradesman here on site,” said UPHS Associate Administrator, Mary Armijo. “So to date, there has probably been 2,600 tradesman come through the hospital since the conception of the project. So you know we are wrapping things up and hoping to get construction wrapped up by January at the latest.”

UP Health Systems is hoping to have a grand opening for the new facility after everything has been completed.

The UPHS is planning to be operational by April of 2019.