Women’s Center asking for donation to help Harbor House

MARQUETTE — The Women’s Center in Marquette is asking for donations to help with their operations of the Harbor House.



This campaign began in January and will end in February of 2019.

It started after two long–time supporters of the Women’s Center came forward and said they would donate half of the money needed to pay off the Harbor House mortgage, if they could find matching funds for the other half.

“We’ve had many local foundation who are supporters, that give us pledges” said Executive Director, Beth Casady. “So, we started out with an amount of $255,000 that we needed to raise and we are not down to $85,000 that we need to raise by February 22, 2019.”

Harbor House is a 16-bed home for battered women and their children.

They have a mortgage that is over half a million dollars, making it tough to pay bills and employees.

Their hope is to pay off the mortgage and expand their services.

For more information about the Women’s Center, Harbor House or to donate visit their website here.