MARQUETTE — On Tuesday afternoon, the Great Lakes Sports Medicine Institute held an open house for the public to get an idea of the services they offer at their new location.

The new institute on Washington Street that opened back in April features representatives and staff from Advanced Center for Orthopedics, UP Health System, UP Rehab Services, and Northern Michigan University. Some services included at the center include sports rehabilitation, aquatic and physical therapy, and there are even hand specialists ready to help.

“The idea here is to bring different people in different areas related to sports medicine and health together under one roof,” said Advanced Center for Orthopedics doctor, J. Bryan Dixon. “These are all individual entities¬† – it’s a very unique concept – we have a private orthopedic practice, a health system, a PT practice, a university, and medical fitness facility all working together to make people better.”

“We offer injury screenings, where we can take a look at a client if there’s an injury…for free, and based upon that counsel, then we would refer them to a physician and get a referral back so we can start therapy,” said Director of Outpatient Therapy at UPHS, Terry Tripp.

Using the latest equipment and technology, staff is able to get active people back to the lifestyle they love.