Kombucha taproom opens in downtown Marquette

MARQUETTE — The city’s first Kombucha Tea Taproom has opened up in downtown Marquette.

Superior Culture has been open for about a month now, but the Owner Alex has been making Kombucha for the past 2 years.

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea that they pair with organic fruit juice and spices that are all hand pressed in house.

Kombucha has recently become a popular drink because of the health benefits it offers and it’s a great alternative to alcohol for people who don’t want to drink.

“We have several flavors of Kombucha on tap, non–alcoholic or alcoholic. If you want to come out and have some drinks with friends, but don’t necessarily want to consume alcohol or have some gluten intolerance or just don’t like beer. We have something for everybody here,” said Alex Rowland, Owner of Superior Culture.

Superior Culture just started offering alcoholic products in the last week.

They have even jumped on the fall bandwagon by offering different apple ciders.

For more information about Superior Culture’s upcoming events click HERE.