Popular Costumes for Halloween in U.P.

MARQUETTE — Have you figured out what type of costume you are thinking of wearing out this Halloween?

Well it is almost that time of year when all the ghosts, goblins and even some Super Heroes come out to go trick-or treating. Now many have their own ideas for costumes but many want to know what costumes are popular for this year.

So ABC 10 went to the local Halloween shop in town and got an idea of what costumes we will be seeing around the town on the 31st.

“All your super heroes like, Batman, super girl, Wonder Woman and all the superheroes themed ones,” said Manager at Halloween Super Store, Ann Lindberg. “Then for the real little ones you do have the paw patrol, which is a popular one this year, and the minions of course. So whatever the movies are that have come out in the past year the kids look for.”

Now the kids might be big into movie character costumes but the adults usually stick with the classic horror Slasher movie characters or maybe even a few new ones.

“It ranges from Michael Myers which is still really popular,” added Lindberg. “The new Nun movie was a good one this year, and I think the adults enjoy the season as much as the little kids do.”

If you still can’t decide on a specific costume you can always just go mix and match different props and create your own character for this frightful night.

“Come on in we have everything,” said Owner of Halloween Super Stores, Gail Lessard. “If you just want to put a costume together, we have accessories and we just have a huge selection.”

For more information about the Halloween super store you can give them a call at: (906) 273-0750