Negaunee City Manager announces first-ever Capital Improvement Plan

NEGAUNEE — On Tuesday, the Negaunee City Manager announced that the City Council has accepted its first ever Capital Investment Plan (CIP).

The decision comes from a special meeting that was held on October 4th.

A Capital Investment Plan -or CIP- is a planning document that takes information from various locations and sources to plan for reinvestment into the community.

“It gives us a comprehensive plan of where we should start spending our money. A lot of time what has happened is new council member come on or new city staff come on and all that knowledge is lost from previous folks that held those positions” Negaunee, City Manager, Nate Heffron. “So, if all that knowledge is gone we’re starting from square one again. This allows is to have a plan to move forward and keep moving forward in a systematic approach”

These investments range from equipment purchases, such as snowplows, or fixing roads and sidewalks.

The CIP is a 6–year plan, that will be updated each year.

For more information and details on the press release from Tuesday, click here.