Attorney General Candidate Leonard takes stance on Line 5

ISHPEMING — Michigan Attorney General Candidate Tom Leonard is touring the U.P.

Leonard currently serves as a speaker for the Michigan House of Representatives, and was also formally a drug prosecutor in flint for 3 years.

He has also worked in the attorney generals office.

While Line 5 that runs through the straits of Mackinac have been a topic and concern for many U.P. residents and both candidates are on the opposite side of the spectrum, Leonard says he has a plan.

“What I’ve done is ive gone to the table and worked with the governor and we put a plan in place to build a tunnel. That will properly store this line to ensure our Great Lakes are protected, but also to make certain that the citizens and residents here in the Upper Peninsula can continue to heat their homes. That’s what is important,” said Tom Leonard, Michigan Attorney General Candidate.

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