Presentation on Green Burials at NMU

MARQUETTE — The Keweenaw Green Burial Alliance (KGBA) hosted a presentation this evening about the topic of green burials.

The event was led by KGBA President Stephen Jukuri who went over what a green burial can do for the earth. The presentation went into what differs between a green burial and a conventional one, such as only using non-toxic embalming.

It also doesn’t preserve the body, but instead allows the body to return to the earth through a natural process. It is also a greener alternative to cremation which is a popular service used after death.

“If you look at statistics on cremation it is a huge energy toll,” said Keweenaw Green Burial Alliance member, Elizabeth Bates. “When you look at what is possible with a green burial, it is way less expensive for an individual.”

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