Marquette County Sheriff honored in Colorado

MARQUETTE — First Term Sheriffs from all over the country gathered in Colorado this past weekend including Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt.

During the 115th National Sheriff’s Institute, 30 sheriffs were honored including Sheriff Zyburt.

This academy helped teach Sheriffs what leadership is and to help his executive team work better together.

“If it’s a 10 man department or a thousand man department, we all have the same problems. Maybe not on the same level, but it’s interesting to talk with them. We’ll talk anything from the  opioids to body scanners to anything and everything that’s current and relevant. You can get ideas so you’re not reinventing the wheel,” said Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff.

Sheriff Zyburt also mentions his lifelong goal is to get a new jail and the lifelong connection with the other Sheriffs from the academy can help him with the step by step procedure on how to build it.