Toys for Tots kicked off today at Legion Post 44

MARQUETTE — The Toys for Tots kick off happened today at the American Legion Post 44 in Marquette on October 2nd 2018.

They are getting all the information ready to help start fundraising and collecting toys for the season. The program was started over 71 years ago by a Marine Core Major who wanted to help make a difference in other ways.

It has now gained a lot of attraction over the years and there are now over 800 different campaigns who are participating in this nationwide. It’s also a great way to help give back to less fortunate people during the holidays and it will be staying in Marquette County.

“All the toys we collect and all the money that is donated, it does stay in Marquette County and it helps those who are less fortunate at Christmas time,” said Toys for Tots Coordinator, Tracey Tippett. “That cannot afford to buy their kids toys for Christmas and so they are all donated to them.”

For more information on Toys for Tots you can click here.