NICE Community Schools showing support for cancer research

ISHPEMING — From baby pink to bubble gum pink NICE Community School Superintendent will be rocking the color everyday in the month October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

The pink initiative is a result from wanting to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research for the American Cancer Society.

Superintendent DeAugustine  wants to be a role model and participant in helping fight the cure for cancer.

“It’s a really simple gesture just to agree to wear pink everyday to help spread the word. To see if I can contact different people who would be interested in helping raise money and generate those funds that are needed for research cancer. Especially with Breast Cancer, this is a particular focus in October. I just think it’s a really good way to give back and help the world at large,” said Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendent .

He looks forward to the day when students look back in history and study when cancer was cured.