MSP encourages driver safety during active deer months

NEGAUNEE — Deer’s dart on and off of the busy roads we drive on every single day and can strike when least expected.

Michigan State Police report that over 170 animal accidents have occurred in the U.P. between the months of October and January.

To avoid any deer or animal accident, it’s important to remember the basics, like buckle up and drive the speed limit.

“You want to make sure that you use your skills by scanning back and forth and not following too close. If you can when other vehicles aren’t present use your bright lights, so you can see better. Just exercise good driving skills and make sure that you can stop or break. We don’t want to swerve if something runs in front of us,” said Stacey Rasanen, Trooper for Michigan State Police.

After you do hit a deer or any type of animal it is recommended to pull over to the side of the road to check for injuries and your vehicle.

It’s important for people to know that you should go to a police post or a law enforcement agency and make a report about the accident.