Mountain bike racers gear up for 5th Marquette Enduro

MARQUETTE — Bikers from the Marquette area and all around the country are gearing up for a full day of racing on Saturday.

The 5th Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro will take place on the South Trails of the Noquemenon Trail Network, and nearly 200 racers will be participating. The race features 3 stages set up at a time – an open which races 7 segments, a sport class which features 4 segments, and a beginner class with 2 segments. Over time, the popularity of the event has grown – and so has the national attention to the beautiful trails right here in the UP.

“This is an NTN single-track event –  money raised through this goes back to the trails, helps things going on the north and south trails in Marquette,” said race co-organizer, Bob Hendrickson. “This is probably the last garage race of all the events we have – it’s pretty low key, and it’s mainly funded through the racers that participate.”

“Racing Enduro here in Marquette is a great day on the bike,” said racer and Colorado resident, Cooper Ott. “You get to hang out with friends all day – it’s a big group ride, but you’re just timed on certain parts of it. You still get to hang out, chat with friends, it’s just a blast.”

The cost for registration ranges from $30 to $50. Registration is available online, but is capped at 150 participants. A few more racers may be able to register the morning of the race at 8:00am.