IRON MOUNTAIN — In a meeting on Tuesday, the DCHS board motioned to authorize the hospital legal council to seek reorganization attorneys.

Today, the board and attorney had a solution.

The attorney spoke with number law firms and suggested that the law firm, Venable LLP, help the hospital.

“What they’re going to do, they’re basically a group of attorney’s but they also represent turn-around hospitals. Now as I stated our charge to them is and will be; find us the best option to go forward” said DCHS Chairman, Bill Edberg. “The best option to go forward may be with another partner and we don’t know that at this point”

Venable LLP is a restructuring firm out of Washington D.C., that they hope will give DCHS a fighting chance to keep the hospital without going through bankruptcy.

The main goal of the hospital is to protect the pension, pay off their debt, and maintain services.