MARQUETTE — As the midterm season approaches, political parties are pushing their campaigns, and the faces of those representing the party.

In a public event held today at Rippling River Resort, Republican Party figures, like Senator Tom Casperson and State Representative Beau LaFave, and other members from around the state and UP were present to express their thoughts and beliefs together, for Michigan.

Candidate for State Senator, and former State Representative, Ed McBroom took the forefront of the afternoon, as a hot button topic was discussed – sportsman’s rights and the 2nd amendment.

“There are always a lot of emotions and things that go into the discussions of the 2nd amendment, but not always a lot of detail and how it will make things better,” said candidate for State Senator, Ed McBroom. “I think we need to have really measured responses, and not get emotional, and talk about how this proposed law affects making us safer, and how does it affect our civil rights?”

Musician, outspoken gun rights activist, and Michigan native, Ted Nugent was present, as he helped campaign for the candidates he believes will allow Michigan to thrive, and be a place with fewer restrictions for sportsmen. Other political figures also had a take on their stances.

“This is insanity,” began Musician and Activist, Ted Nugent. “It offends the men and women – the hunting families of this state – who spend hard earned money to buy our licenses, fees, and permits, and the family hours of soul-cleansing recreation that used to be the number one hunting state in America – now we’re the laughing stock.”

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be able to carry a riffle on your side-by-side on your own property – right now if you do that, it’s a felony, and you can go to prison,” added 108th State Representative, Beau Lafave.

“We are focused on maintaining, preserving, and protecting Michigan’s way of life,” explained candidate for¬†Lieutenant Governor, Lisa Posthumus Lyons. “Our opponents – the democrats – Gretchen Whitmer, Garlin Gilchrist – they don’t understand our culture, they don’t understand our hunting heritage.”

Overall, Nugent says Michigan is close to his heart, and that the foundations of the state must be protected.

“I have seen my rights and freedoms in Michigan deteriorate to such a level, that I know Bill Schuette, Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Tom Leonard, John James, Ed McBroom, Tristan Coal – these are some Republicans that won’t let the ‘Hillarisation” of Michigan continue any longer,” added Nugent.

Members of the public closed out the rally mingling with politicians, and listening to Ted Nugent inspiring them through his music, but also his words.