Marquette Park and Recreation looking for residents feedback

MARQUETTE — The city’s Park and Recreation department is looking for the residents of Marquette County’s feedback.

They have randomly mailed out 2,000 surveys for the residents to take.

This survey is part of the process to update the 5 year parks and recreation master plan.

The survey can have a huge impact on future policies and projects for the city of Marquette.

“This is a great opportunity to have their voices heard to really get the information and tell us how exactly they’re using the park. The users are our customers, they’re the people that are out there every day. We want to know exactly what they think of everything,” said John Swenson, Director of Community Services, Parks and Recreation.

If you were one of the households who did receive the survey in the mail, there is an option to take it online.

The survey does take about 15 minutes.

For more information click HERE.