Operating Engineers 324 laid off

ISHPEMING — Contractors throughout the state, who are members of the Michigan Infrastructure of Transportation Association, have decided that they will lay off the Members of Operating Engineers 324 as of Tuesday morning at 7 A.M.

The Michigan Infrastructure of Transportation Association does not agree with the agreement that has been in effect in place of a contract.

In order to leave that agreement, they have laid off the engineers.

Since the start of June the Engineers have been working without a contract.

The engineers have not taken a day off – they kept working on road projects since June without a contract in the hopes of things would be resolved.

“It means those projects will be slow and in some cases completely stopped. Our members are not home by their own choice, they want to be working. They have worked all summer, it was a hard summer for working on roads. It’s that important to them to get back to work on these roads,” said Dan McKernan, Communication Director of Operating Engineers 324.

This is developing news and ABC 10 is working to gather more information.

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