MARQUETTE — It’s that time of year where schedules get busy and healthy habit get lost, and though things are changing, our eating habits don’t have to.



“What nutrition is, is food coming into our bodies, so whatever you are putting into your body, whatever nutrients you’re putting into your body, that’s what nutrients you are receiving” said MQT Nutrition owner, Jenna Neaves. “So, whether it’s healthy or not, that’s what your body is getting and that’s what it has to work with.”

Neaves believes that consistency is key in making a change and as long as you are consistent over time, you will see results.

Obviously we all have cheat days, but it’s about waking up the next day and staying with your regimen.

“It’s no big deal, jump back on the train and keep going. It’s when you completely let things derail you and you go for a long period of time without jumping back on the train that was making you feel good. That’s where we really get off path” said Neaves.

As you can tell, nutrition is a big part of daily life, so what happens when school starts and the weather starts getting colder?

“With everyone heading back to school, I know a lot of college students work as well as go to school so, everyone’s really busy and my biggest tip is ‘be prepared’. So whether you meal prep at the beginning of the week, beginning of the morning, start of your day, pack a lunch or whatever” said Manager, Ellie Olsen. “I would just recommend packing some healthy snacks if you’re going to be busy all day, loading up on as much veggies as you can, and healthier options not the junk every single day.”

The cold weather always causes us to want to stay inside and wrap up under a blanket, but there are still ways to stay active both indoors and outdoors.

“There’s so many things that you can do in the winter and it’s so important to still try to get outside” said Neaves. “So I recommend, grab a pair of snow shoes, grab a friend and say ‘once a week, we’re going to meet to go snow–shoeing’. Again, having that friend and accountability partner is huge.”