Marquette County Sheriff’s office receives grant

MARQUETTE — On August 21st, The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office received a grant of $10,000 from AAA of Michigan.

The grant funded the purchase of Lift Bags for the Special Operations Unit 131.

The Lift Bags are used to lift heavy objects off of people in emergency situations.

It’s important to the Marquette County Sheriff’s office to have the best equipment for the officers to help keep the community safe.

“This is going to save a lot of lives in Marquette County, we’re really happy to be able to get it. For smaller rural locations something like this is huge. A lot of times we have the man power, we have the training, but the equipment is very expensive. This will help replace the equipment that was over 20 years old,” said Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff.

The Special Operations Unit 131 has all the equipment on their trucks and are ready to be used if needed.