MARQUETTE — Over the weekend a group of nurses from the Lower Peninsula got involved with an emergency situation on their vacation.

Over the weekend a group of nurses decided to go on a vacation in the Marquette area. Little did they know that their vacation time would involve an emergency medical situation along the way.
The Nurses had decided to take a hike at Dead River Falls where the day would go from care-free to a life threatening situation. The situation involved a young boy who had taken a fall from a cliff that is jumped frequently by people.

The nurses were glad that they were in the right place at the right time, while keeping cool under the circumstances.

“We got to him and everyone did a good job at staying calm,” said E.R. Registered Nurse, Rylee Kuiphoff. “Everyone worked great together and there were bystanders that were also already there and they were doing a great job at keeping the boy calm and awake. Soon after we were able to take over that role and I think all of us did a great job of talking with bystanders about what happened and what needed to be done.”

Not only did the Nurses help stabilize the boy but they were also able to help first res-ponders get him out of Dead River Falls. The first res-ponders and nurses’ traveled through multiple tough terrains and even through a stream.

The nurses were very happy to see even in a harsh scenario they were able to calmly and effectively use their skills.

“It is pretty amazing to be able to take our skills outside of the hospital and to be able to help someone in need like that,” said E.R. Registered Nurse, Nicole Wurm. “I felt like our team as nurses we really support each other, because it is really nerve racking no matter what. We are not expecting it and it felt like we had a great team, and there were nine of us so there was a lot of support and a lot of backing.”

The nurses want everyone to realize that it is important to not only enjoy the Upper Peninsula but to be careful when doing so.

“I would say of course… absolutely… Explore and bring your friends, but be safe about it,” said E.R. Registered Nurse, Nicole Schoenborn.  There is no reason to take unnecessary risks and you just need to be smart about where you are at and your location and things that could be very detrimental to yourself or someone else.”

The boy was last reported in the hospital recovering and the nurses are now heading back home to the Lower Peninsula where they will continue to follow their careers as Registered E.R. Nurses.