Huskies focus in 2018 is third down conversions

HOUGHTON – In 2017, Tech finished with a four and seven overall record. Although the Huskies were on the losing end of things, they weren’t far from flipping the switch. What stood out to Coach Olson after his first year as head coach, is how to keep his team on the field.

“There were eight games that were very close and competitive, so when we looked at the end of the season, it was how do we get ourselves closer in those three games against the three teams that made the playoffs, what’s the work that you need to do there,” said Head Coach, Steve Olson. “One of the biggest things that we felt like has to happen, we have to be more effective on third downs, both on the offensive side of the ball and defensive side of the ball.”

The Huskies converted, just 35 percent of their third downs last year and gave up an average of 362 yards and 27 points.

“Money downs, that was very big for us, and we’ve done some things to address the issue so I’m very excited with the things we’ve done,” said Travis Tidwell (JR/DB). “I can harp on this, say we’re going to do this, going to do that but it all comes down to how we perform on the field and I think we’re going to be in a position to perform well.”

“People have a lot better understanding on where they are supposed to be, and why they are supposed to be there, and how that’s going to help us win football games,” said Cody Goldsworthy (SR/DL).

While it is known that Michigan Tech needs to improve on third down conversions, what isn’t known, is who will be under center this year.

“We have two quarterbacks who have been leading our team through fall camp,” said Olson. “Garrett Young who played the last three games last year and Will Ark, both of those guys have done some very good things and we’re excited to see how they move through the season.”

The Huskies first test this season is Truman State. Kickoff is August 30th at 8 o’clock in Missouri.