NMU continues to make advancements around campus

MARQUETTE — With Freshman move in day happening on Thursday on the campus of Northern Michigan University, President Fritz Erickson held the annual Convocational on Wednesday evening, to welcome faculty and staff back, and to give updates on new things happening at the University.

Topping the list of the latest innovations at Northern include the addition of the Forensic Outdoor Research and Medicinal Plant Chemistry majors. Northern is following their strategic plan of moving forward with advanced technology, and has taken steps to introduce new Virtual Reality tools for use in the classroom environment.

Of course, the infrastructural improvements around campus can be noticed, from the construction of their new dorms, to the renovation of the University Center.

“We are being such a distinctive University,” said NMU President, Fritz Erickson. “The fact that we have really broken the mold in terms of our enrollment, where others are having challenges, our challenges are now starting to be, ‘Where are we going to put all of these students that are coming to Northern?’ These are wonderful  problems for us to have.”

President Erickson will be giving students a hand tomorrow, as they move into the dorms for the new school year.