‘Outlanders’ restaurant owner donates to local cause

MARQUETTE — Chef and Owner of Outlanders, Anne Klingler has been named the North Central Region Winner of General Mills’ Neighborhood to Nation Recipe contest, for her Thai Basil Bowl Recipe.

Today Outlanders was joined by General Mill’s to celebrate the winning recipe.

As the North Central Regional Winner, Anne won $5,000 and an additional $1,000 to a charity of her choice.

“Teaching Family Homes does some great work, children and families in need and often times its children that haven’t been able to be settled into the foster care system. They’re helping kids that really have some special needs and often times really tough backgrounds. The work that they do not everyone can do it, we just really want to support them,” said Anne Klingler, Chef and Owner of Outlanders.

The celebration ended with free samples of the winning recipe for everyone to enjoy.