MARQUETTE — The UP Health System Regional Blood Center is experiencing a critical need for certain blood types.

The center is in search of “A” negative and positive as well as “O” negative blood types. Not only does this center supply to the Marquette Hospital, but they are also the sole supplier to 13 other hospitals in the Upper Peninsula.

Not only is a great opportunity to give back to the community, but you are also receiving a check up for yourself.

“When you come in you do get a little brief mini physical,” said Supervisor at UPHS Blood Donor Services, Dana Langsford. “We will check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and your hemoglobin. So we give a brief physical to see if number one you are healthy enough to donate blood. If you aren’t healthy enough to donate then we might pick up on something that maybe you should go visit your physician, for something that you might not be aware of.”

The center checks for many possible diseases found in blood and will get back to donors if something were to come up.

For more information about blood donations and processes click here.