IRON MOUNTAIN — Veterans may not know what resources they have within the community when they return home.



On Tuesday, August 21, the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center hosted its sixth annual Mental Health Summit at Bay West College.

There were multiple speakers bringing awareness to the mental health of veterans once they return home.

“We’re talking today about transitioning veterans that are coming out of the military and a lot of these veterans are going to be working with community partners and we may not have contact with those individuals” said Local Recovery Coordinator at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center, Amy Fowler.  “So, it’s really important for us to connect and build bridges with community partners so we can really make sure that we have served those who have served us.”

The VA Medical Center hopes that by building bridges with community partners, they are able to get their name out to help other veterans.

One Veteran makes sure he helps others in the community because of what VA Medical Center had done for him.

“Well the reason I come is so that I can help the veterans up in my area. I go out and help them fill out their paperwork for their benefits” said Vietnam Veteran, Bob Hazen.  “It’s important to me because I know what I went through trying to get services for myself.”

There are a number of services and resources for veterans across the Upper Peninsula, and the Medical Center wants to make sure veterans are able to get the help they need.