DNR 2019 fishing guide search for sponsors and cover photo

MARQUETTE — More than 1 million Michigan fishing licenses are purchased each year, and each purchase connects buyers to a version of the annual Michigan Fishing Guide. For the year of 2019 the Department of Natural Resources is still looking for many additions that still need to be placed within the guide.

The DNR is offering sponsorship opportunities in the form of advertisements. This will allow anglers to see messages coming from different groups and businesses that are focusing on the sport of fishing.
The DNR also wants to highlight the fact they are still in search of a 2019 cover photo for the guide that focuses on places to fish. The DNR really wants to emphasize on the location and act of fishing rather than just the catch itself.

“We are looking towards trying to capture more of what the fishing experience is about,” said DNR Deputy Public Information Officer, John Pepin. “So this is more about places to fish and people actually in the act of fishing.”

For more information about how to submit a photo or sponsorship click here.

To send photos for the cover photo please use this e-mail:  DNR-Fisheries@michigan.gov