15th annual Pasty Festival in the books

CALUMET — Tons of people gathered at the 15th annual Pasty Festival in downtown Calumet this past weekend.

From live music, a parade, and a pasty eating contest there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The festival partnered with 5 different pasty vendors for a day full of fun.

“It’s always awesome to see everyone coming out on a nice day. Everyone’s interest in Pasty’s is always a good thing. It’s a local thing it keeps people in touch with mining and all that,” said Connie, Owner of Connie’s Kitchen.

Tons of history that lies right behind that popular baked delicacy.

In the 1840’s the hand–held food item arrived in the U.P.

Miners from Cornwall immigrated to develop mines and brought the Pasty with them

Minnesota, Montana and even Mexico were all large mining areas as well and are trying to integrate the festival as well.

“Having people from other parts of the country call me in Calumet to say “I see you have a pasty fest and you’re like the only ones in the country”. You feel so honored even in our little community. Maybe we’re inspiring other people and its great,” said Leah Polzien, Executive Director of Main Street Calumet.

The city of Calumet is already looking forward to next years Pasty Festival.