MARQUETTE — Have you ever wanted to build your own boat?

Well now you can get your chance to learn about the process at the Marquette Maritime Museum where a retired art teacher will be demonstrating the process. Retired art teacher, Bill Lawrence, will presenting on how to build a 10 1/2 foot Pointy Skiff.

He will show that you can build a boat with all lumberyard materials instead of the standard marine based materials. The presentation will also cover the many different techniques on building a boat with these types of materials.

The event is also a great way to learn more about what goes into making a boat.

“What he is going to show us tonight is something that not many people do anymore,” said Maritime Museum Director, Hillary Billman. “I think people used to do it a lot more in the past. So this is just something that if you have a kid who is really interested in boats you could bring them tonight. It could be a project that maybe you start doing with them. He just wants to show people that it is something everybody could do and everyone who loves maritime history can do it.”

The Marquette Maritime Museum will be having the event at 7 pm tonight and they will be accepting donations for its facility.