MARQUETTE — Anne Klingler, chef and owner of Outlanders in Marquette, Michigan, has been named the North Central Region Winner in the 2018 Neighborhood to Nation™ Recipe Contest from General Mills Foodservice.

The 4th annual contest called on independent family or “neighborhood” restaurants to submit an original recipe to put their local dishes and local “flavor” in the national spotlight!

Klingler entered a Thai Basil Bowl recipe which includes rice, chicken and veggies in a bowl, flavored by creamy Mountain High™ Original Whole Milk Yoghurt with coconut milk, ginger, basil and cilantro.

As a Regional Winner in the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, Klingler wins $5,000 as well as $1,000 to share with a local charity. She has chosen Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan, a private, non-profit child welfare agency that provides a variety of services for children and families in need.

Klingler is also in the running for the Grand Prize which will be announced in late August.

Representatives from General Mills will visit the restaurant to showcase Outlanders and celebrate Klingler’s award-winning recipe.

The event will be held on Tuesday, August 21, starting at 2 p.m. at Outlanders on 1014 W. Washington St., Marquette, Michigan. It will include samples of her award-winning recipe and check presentations for both Klingler and the local charity, Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan

For more information about the contest and winners, click here.