Delta County adopts Smart 911

ESCANABA — Today the city Escanaba announced that Smart 911 is available in Delta County.

Smart 911 is a free program that allows the community to provide key information to 911 dispatchers during an emergency.

All you have to do is fill out a safety profile questionnaire.

It came to Marquette County earlier this year. With its addition in Delta County, Smart 911 is available throughout most of the state of Michigan.

“We are in about 90% of the counties in the state of Michigan as well though. So odds are youre going to be in a county that has smart 911. It’s a nationwide system. We ask people to enter any residence that they have,” said Kevin Hatline, Customer Success Manager.

The information you do provide is secured in a database run by Rave Mobile Safety.

The responding agencies cannot save any of that information.

“We take the security of the people that put their information into the system very seriously. We are always updating our security, testing our security. We have never had any breeches of security the 14 years we’ve been around, we’re also certified by homeland security as well,” Hatline added.

Smart 911 is a statewide initiative, that is being paid by the legislature.

For more information on Smart 911 and how you can sign up click HERE.