MARQUETTE COUNTY —  Today is National Heatstroke Awareness day and it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms that could leave someone in a fatal position.

Heatstroke can hit everyone while out in the sun, although children, the elderly and pets are the most susceptible to the heat. Symptoms of heatstroke start out as simple as a heat rash or even a sunburn.
Even experiencing nausea, throbbing headaches and even not being able to sweat can be signs of heatstroke. This can be avoided by learning all the early signs and symptoms before things can become too late and fatal.

“Learning the early signs will help prevent the progression into the most severe,” said Chief Medical Executive for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Eden Wells. “This is that heatstroke… People die from heatstroke, it can definitely. If people cannot get medical help it can be a fatal situation. Beware if they are suffering from the heat to keep get them and keep them cool and hydrated at all times.”

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