Lego camp teaches base robotics skills

IRON MOUNTAIN — Sometimes it’s tough to get kids learning, especially during the summer months.

A local summer camp has an entertaining way to help them learn about robotics. Kids are taking part in an exciting program that teaches them valuable engineering and programming concepts.

The Lego Robotics Camp, hosted by Bay College Training and Development, allows students to work with Lego robotics kits, helping them learn how to build a robot, as well as program it through a computer.

“You also have kids that enjoy the coding,” said Lego Robotics Instructor Jackie Rosek. “They find it really interesting that they can type something into the computer and have the robot actually do it. That’s kind of neat too, because they get to control the robot and tell it what to do, which is kind of where we’re heading, you’ve got to be able to tell computers what to do.”

The Lego Robotics Camp has one session this week at Bay College West in Iron Mountain, and another next week.

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