City Commission votes on Heartwood Forestland property

MARQUETTE — On Monday, the Marquette City Commission heard a presentation during their meeting regarding the future of the Heartwood Forestland property, on which the Noquemanon Trail Network exists.



It was decided that parcels of the land will indeed be available for purchase. In the last few months, the Commission has talked about the sale of a group of parcels, 9-12, and separately, parcel 35, on that land.

Curran and Company, specifically the Rippling River Resort, and the Veridea Group have both stepped forward as interested buyers. NTN representatives have continued to meet with City staff to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to protect the existing trails as much as possible.

“Well I think it’s a very good move – I think it’s working out very well for all of us,” said City Manager, Mike Angeli. “I can’t actually picture a better scenario where we can all walk away happy from this.”

According to Angeli, the sale of those parcels will allow the city to make some money back, in order to release burden on local taxpayers, all while maintaining the current outdoor use of the land.